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Make Spirituality a Way of Life

Spirituality and consciousness are the wave of the future!

Yet when you look around your “real life” it can seem like no one gets it.

You feel alone and if you do share with others, they may think you are strange for wanting a different life. You, my friend, are different than most. You are ready to expand into a spiritually conscious life.

You believe in angels, intuition, past lives and the law of attraction. Yet you know that none of these things are the be-all and end-all. They are the foundation for you to grow and expand into a more free and abundant life while you’re here on Planet Earth.

We created the Spiritual Expansion Community because being a part of spiritual development groups in the community has changed our lives and the lives of thousands of our clients in amazing and positive ways. Now you can be a part of an online community that provides you with resources and tools for your spiritual development + the support of like-minded people on a similar spiritual journey as you.

There are 5 Key Truths that we work with in the Spiritual Expansion Community

  1. You are Energy
  2. You are here to learn and grow.
  3. You have inner guidance.
  4. You have a unique purpose and thrust.
  5. You are free.

If these 5 key truths resonate with you then read on!

The Spiritual Expansion Community Offers You
Four Key Benefits.

1.  Spiritual Development

You are here to learn and grow and every experience you have in this lifetime is an opportunity to grow spiritually.

It’s so easy to forget that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience.

The Spiritual Expansion Community provides you with the tools to access your inner guidance, and open you up to greater knowledge and understanding of yourself, why you are here and how to fulfill your life’s purpose. The resources you receive will assist you to ask yourself questions you would never have thought to ask, to uncover your blind spots, enhance your positive qualities and add to more richness in your daily experience of life.

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Membership in the Spiritual Expansion Community has allowed me space for continuous learning about my spiritual gifts and my role as a soul in this incarnation. Each month’s study lesson is an opening for knowledge and understanding of myself and others. Through my involvement in this community there has been a definite shift for the better in how I navigate this lifetime.

Victoria Jimenez, Toronto, Canada

2.  Community

The Spiritual Expansion Community is a truly supportive environment.

You will be surrounded by like-minded people who respect your ideas and never judge you. You will be able to open up and share your own wisdom and experiences. Others will learn from you and you will learn from them!

From the very beginning when this community was established in 2012, we set firm ground rules that this membership community is a non-judgmental environment. Each member has their own answers and wisdom. There is no right or wrong answer when working with the spiritual.

When you’re feeling stuck, lonely or confused in the “real world” you can connect with your fellow SE community members for support, answers, suggestions and guidance. Plus, we talk about all those things that most people don’t get! (like trance, psychic development, reincarnation, manifesting, life purpose, spirit-guides and more!)

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When the outer world starts pulling you down to the lowest common denominator of pressure and negativity, you can check in with your Spiritual Expansion Community friends and resources to pull yourself back up to positivity, abundance and purpose!

The monthly audio lessons and the live coaching calls truly enhance my spiritual growth. Whenever I ask questions on the coaching call, the responses I receive are always helpful. The opportunity to discuss my progress and/or challenges on the monthly coaching call, which is a truly supportive environment, really helps me to move forward in my personal growth and development.

Mary Mischtschuk, Woodbridge, VA

3.  Continuity

You get that spiritual growth is an on-going continual
process, not a one-off affair!

Part of the popularity of churches is that you have a regular meeting place to go every Sunday to get uplifted and connect with your Spirit. It’s always there, every single week. But where do you go for spiritual continuity when religion doesn’t fit anymore? The Spiritual Expansion Community provides you with a regular meeting place for connection and development that fits the spiritual, not religious crowd.

Unless you have continuity in your spiritual growth, your life will be a roller coaster ride of highs and lows .

It takes regular and consistent practice to develop your spiritual abilities. Otherwise, you attend a workshop once in a while and feel amazing, but then fall right back in to your not so good habits as soon as you get back to the familiarity of your home environment.

SEC provides you with resources and support each month enabling you to step-by-step, build yourself into a stronger, more secure, joyful and spiritual being. There is a combination of written lessons to work through, audios to inspire you, a live call to connect real-time with your fellow members, coaching and a Facebook group to share and learn 24/7.

I feel privileged to be a part of the Spiritual Expansion Community. My spiritual journey is in it’s early stages, but I know that this group has given me the opportunity to grow in a wonderfully supportive environment.

Mary Heathman

4.  Experienced Spiritual Coaches

Your experience in the Spiritual Expansion Community is facilitated by Melissa Kitto and Richard Lassiter.

Melissa and Richard have been in the field of spiritual growth and development for over over 65 combined years.

Melissa started her spiritual journey at the age of 12, by learning to connect with her angels, and find her life’s purpose. She became a certified spiritual consultant at the age of 19, and has been facilitating thousands of spiritual seekers across the globe to develop their intuitive gifts and live their unique purpose in life for over 20 years now.

Her mission in life is to help as many sincere people as possible to have a two way communication with their own guidance/angels. Once a person can connect with their own inner guidance, they are always empowered and free to live the abundant life of their own choosing.

Richard began his spiritual development at the age of 28 and has over 40 years experience as an ALC Certified Spiritual Consultant and instructor. He is a bold, inspiring teacher who helps people understand their inner motives and heal the blocks that are limiting them. He is a Doctor of Divinity through the Peace Community Church International and currently president of Inner Peace Movement International. His mission in life is to share spiritual truth with the masses.

In SEC, Melissa and Richard provide you with the tools to tap in to the wisdom you have inside. You’ll open up a communication with your guides in a very practical way to reach your goals, release fears and expand your confidence in your spiritual abilities to new heights. On the live Intuitive Coaching calls, Melissa and Richard will guide you to see the blindspots you might be missing, and intuitively coach you to solutions to reach your desires in relationships, business, personal growth and much more.

I love the ethos of everyone sharing their perspective and it being equally valued. My experience is that people are not justifying or apologizing for what they think here – just feeling free to share and that everyone’s experience is respected and valued.

Rosie Holroyd – London , UK

Here’s what you’ll receive each month in the Spiritual Expansion Community:

A Spiritual Expansion Lesson

Each month we work with a theme to help you unfold and grow spiritually. Past themes have included: Spiritual Guidance, Life Purpose, Cycles of Life, Your psychic gifts of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling.  The exercises in the spiritual expansion lesson will open you up to new awareness, self understanding and practical results in moving your life forward to more happiness and abundance.

A Spiritual Expansion Audio Lesson

This audio class expands upon the growth of the spiritual expansion lesson and takes it deeper. Melissa and/or Richard add their personal insights and experiences to the content of the month to add even more impact to your growth from the theme of the month. (Our current members have told us this is their favorite aspect of the community!)

A Live Intuitive Coaching Call

Each month, you can connect with your fellow members and Melissa & Richard live on the phone. You’ll share, grow and experience techniques that add to your personal insight and growth. There’s even a chance for personal intuitive coaching from Melissa & Richard.

Regrouping  & Goals Worksheets

When you enter the spiritual expansion community you’ll learn how to spiritually cleanse, and get keywords from your angels. You’ll set spiritual and material goals each month that give you clarity on your direction, and regroup what you learned so you can see the progress you are making and keep moving forward with accomplishing your life’s purpose!

And a private members-only Facebook group

Share, connect and ask questions 24 hours a day. Our Facebook group adds a community feel to your experience in SEC. You’ll make friends, give and receive support from like-minded people in a judgement-free environment.

Join the Community!

Each and every month, you receive all of this incredible value!

Melissa & Richard currently charge $297 for just one hour of coaching time. In SEC, you receive a group coaching call with Melissa & Richard PLUS the resources and content to grow spiritually PLUS the Facebook community all for just $29 per month.

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P.S. We KNOW the value the Spiritual Expansion Community provides people, so once you experience this supportive community, you’ll likely desire to stick around for a while. (-: